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Tarot / Oracle Card / Rune Readings

A Shamanic deep dive into the ethereal using the images, symbols & oracle definitions to guide us.

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Rowland Street

Service Description

Predictive reading is often based on a moment of time and the future can change at any moment. Although aspects of what could be on the horizon may come up during a reading, for my service, the key focus is to tap into the esoteric energy of the moment and use it to learn more about yourself, or to integrate some shadow. Let's see what the oracle is calling you to work on, be aware of, and take into new experiences. They can offer great advice, or tough love, from the ether to guide you along. Nobody calls me out more than my tarot deck! I'm not a traditional reader; the pictures of the cards give me the intuitive information you seek, not the exact card meanings. (I do love the experience of connecting my inner knowing to what the card authors wanted most to share about its meaning, though, so I still like to read the books.) I use the oracle as a vehicle, with the meanings just being coincidental. Sometimes they bear more weight than not, and I follow my heart and spirit as I read for you. Personally, I use the cards less to predict your future, and more as an assist to know yourself more deeply. So, the more you feel comfortable in telling me about what you need guidance with, the more accurate information will come forth. I find oracles can get very deep, and I'm ready to go with that flow. We can often co-create some journal or reflection prompts after the reading, so you can continue to reflect and grow from what the cards had to say. If you are looking for a deep "predict my future" reading, that will not be me, but I can make some great recommendations. MY ORACLE METHOD: With dozens of decks available, tell me about what things resonate with you (e.g. Animals, Aliens, Astrology, Ascension or Starseed themes, etc.) and what you are trying to find out. We can use one of the deck's recommended spreads, or we can customize one together. We'll connect first as to what you are looking for, so we can determine the deck and the questions. MY TAROT & RUNE METHOD: I enter it as sacred work and sit in ceremony to divine from either of these tools. I have a deeper connection with spirit this way and can give you more accurate information without distraction. I have an enormous respect these two ancient divination methods and treat their use with the utmost regard. I will send you pictures and a write up of the reading. We can schedule a call afterwards if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact within 24 hours. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 61 Rowland Street, Ballston Spa, NY, USA

    (518) 293-3344

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