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In Person Sound Medicine Treatment

A personal musical healing designed and played just for you; no two are alike!

  • 45 minutes
  • 66 US dollars
  • Rowland Street

Service Description

With a background in music, percussion, and vocals, it was natural for me to pursue certification as a sound medicine practitioner. Once I began to explore energy healing, I wanted to find more meaningful ways to use the gifts I already had. For me, sound medicine brings spirit and energy into one modality. I have spent over 30 years as a liturgical musician and saw how deeply music moved people; this allows me to take it to another level, by helping to make people feel better. My training includes the use of crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, tuning forks and a variety of chimes, solfeggio tones and percussion instruments. Each of my customized treatments can incorporate any combination of these tools and may include sung vocalizations, tones or light linguistics similar to Gregorian chants. Sound medicine works in unique ways. Think of what it looks like, when you drop a stone into a pond, and the energy ripples out from it. The human body is 90% water and responds very similarly when the sound healing instruments are played near it. As the tones reach the body, the energetic ripples begin to overlap and create mandalas and patterns that remind the body what wellness feels like. Each of our energetic chakras also resonate with particular tones, notes and frequencies. Our bodies want to resonate with health and vitality and sound medicine can trigger those memories within our DNA. The pureness of that energy, in a form like this may even be able to release stuck emotions or bring new perspective to an issue you have been struggling with. The solfeggio tones can assist healing of the body, mind and spirit. If you are unsure what service to get from me, this would be the one I would recommend the most for people who are new to energy work. You can lay on the treatment table, or on our double-decker air mattress. There is a heater, and blankets and all sorts of pillows to get you comfortable and ready to receive. The session will be about 45 minutes, with some of that allocating time to discuss your wellness objectives, and the session itself would be no longer than a half hour or so. You are welcome to record it on your own device and carry the experience outside of our treatment space.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact within 24 hours. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 61 Rowland Street, Ballston Spa, NY, USA

    (518) 293-3344

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