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Improvised Magic

Magick - Counseling - Re-Scripting - Ritual Tools to help you grow!

  • 1 hour
  • Negotiable
  • Based on Requested Service

Service Description

What happens when you combine an: Advanced Energy Healing Practitioner Crystal, Magick, and Shamanic, Practitioner Improvisor/Performer Metaphysician Psychic Intuitive Psychopomp Reiki Master Teacher Sound Healer Starseed and a Virgo, with Virgo Rising whose Moon is in Scorpio With an Analyst? You get me...or a joke with a really weird punchline. I don't want money to be a barrier in working with me, so let's negotiate a final rate based on what is requested and time invested. Most services start at $44, so let's talk. Magick: At a high level, I can do anything for you from reading oracle cards (like Tarot) or helping you choose, use and program crystals. I can write a ritual, design a spell or do a cord cutting. As a Psychopomp, I can take us on a Shamanic Journey and facilitate a conversation with a passed relative or help retrieve a Power Animal for you. If you have an interest in exploring this kind of tangible Magick, I am able to help. Re-scripting: I am a professionally trained actor and improvisor but have found that as much as I enjoy performing, it brings value off-stage, too. If you are trying to manifest anything or heal, you have to be able to put the emotion into that desire. On the flip side, if you have had something traumatic happen, sometimes you need to remove those energetic scars. Re-scripting is a process where we create (or return to) an experience in your life and act it out with the desired outcome. This allows you to emotionally connect to the things you are trying to manifest or to begin healing. It is like spiritual psychotherapy. YOU don't have to be an just have to be yourself. Counseling: I have a vast and wide Magickal library and can try to answer your questions from Aliens to Zodiac signs. When you have a spiritual awakening, and realize, on some level, all things are connected, that can be overwhelming. You almost have to reconstruct how you emotionally respond to the world. (Think Navigating from 3D emotions to 5D emotions.) Let me help. Ceremony: As someone with a passion for theatre and pageantry, I love ritual design. Celebration and rituals are one of the oldest ways people commemorate milestones or life changes, such as a wedding, bris or a christening. What about those things that happen that seem to go unnoticed, although they have a deep, lasting effect on our personal selves? Ceremony ties us back to the importance of the life event and allows it to be sealed upon our hearts.

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact within 24 hours. Thank you.

Contact Details

(518) 293-3344

Suite #222 61 Rowland Street, Ballston Spa, NY, USA

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