Frequently Asked Questions

What is Esoteric Healing?

Esoteric Healing is a type of high vibrational energetic healing  technique that originated from the teachings of Djwhal Khul, channeled through Alice Bailey from 1919-1949 and  was first published in the early 1950's.  It heals on the primary concerns of the relationship of soul to personality and can easily and naturally balance your body's Bio-electric field. It is here where problems can be detected before disease manifests in the physical body; this is considered a form of predictive and preventive medicine.  By balancing your energy, it will promote the body's natural healing abilities. Open and clear chakras allow flow into the mental and emotional levels of your psyche, and then into your body.  Chakras influence the nervous system, endocrine system, the blood, glands and the organs.  Another thing that balanced energy centers do, is allow you to make better choices and changes that influence your daily life. You act in accordance with a higher consciousness, with deeper insights and a much broader perspective.

What is Reiki/Energy Healing?

Reiki is a non-evasive, natural Japanese healing modality that promotes peace and relaxation by having a practitioner tap into your energy system. It is a complementary healing practice that underscores any other treatment; is not associated with any religion. The word Reiki means: Rei = Higher spiritual consciousness and Ki = Life Energy. When we are sick, mentally or emotionally drained, the Ki sometimes gets sluggish or blocked; treatment can help restore healing energy to your body. Sessions are either in person or via distance and are as equally effective.

What is the difference between Esoteric and Reiki Healing?

This is a great question I get asked a lot. 

Esoteric, simply means: Inner and really speaks more to the subjective aspects of life, life energy, and is about empowerment.  It encourages you to seek answers from within and allows an individual to move into a "soul-infused personality." It is driven more by the evolution of your soul and is not influenced by the healer on any level. By creating a conscious inner connection to the soul, the light of the soul reveals the inner wisdom that we all have within us, and the so-called "hidden" becomes revealed. An Esoteric Healing treatment is perfect in conjunction with any healing (medical, spiritual, etc.) modalities you may be receiving, but allows you to dig-deeper into underlying causes of dis-ease, and can put you more in alignment with finding and executing your soul's purpose.

Reiki practitioners channel Reiki energy which can improve the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional,  and Mental needs of the recipient.  It creates a peaceful and calming feeling within the body, and soothes the energy systems that promote healing.  A Reiki treatment is perfect in conjunction with any healing (medical, spiritual, etc.) modalities you may be receiving, and often has more of an instantaneous, but limited effect. You can come for healing, a tune-up, or to receive spiritual insights.


Because Esoteric Healing occurs by tapping and pulling in Source energy, it is working in the higher spiritual realms. Treatment doesn't always guarantee spiritual insights or revelations that I am privy to; they occur to the recipient either during treatment or the days to follow. Channeled Reiki energy often pulls in messages from your guides (or mine) and can often provide channeled insight to improve your outlook. 

Are you really a....?

Shaman? Nope. I am a Shamanic Practitioner, which means I use Shamanic Methods: Journeying, transmutation of energy, communicating with the dead, connection to the helping ancestral spirits, etc. in my work.  Shamanism has been practiced on every continent and most ethnicities have some form or another of it they can trace through their own heritage.  Most Shamans or Sensei's would not refer to themselves as such, and it is often a term that is given to them by others.

Witch? Yes.  That is a big, scary word for a lot of people, but if you've ever wished upon a star, or said the "rain-rain, go away" poem as a child, you were doing a form of witchcraft.  It is putting a physical or mental intention into something and directing that energy to achieve a particular outcome; a witch believes and practices supernatural skills and abilities.  I am an eclectic Witch and have been practicing around 25 years. It honors the turn of the wheel in nature, in our own aging process, the natural elements and the cycles of the moon and sun.


I was a Catholic liturgical musician for over 30 years and have a deep love for God, Jesus, and the Angels. Don't believe that everything is so black and white. Any religion that invites you to have a deeper connection to Source is good...for me it is this. 

Energy Healing with Extras...what's up with that?

Some practitioners use crystals, essential oils, sound, color, etc. as part of the treatment. Why? All things vibrate at their own frequency and these "extras" have a higher vibrational frequency. What this does is raise your frequency to match and often "amps up" the effects of the treatment. I can make recommendations if you are seeking something additional and am happy to add any of those things to your session at no extra cost.  I often will do a Shamanic Journey before your first treatment, and am guided as to what those "extras" should be. If you know what you want prior to that, just let me know. The only thing I charge extra for is adding an oracle card reading to your distance session. When I am tapped into your energy for treatment, there couldn't be a better time to draw cards to provide additional insight.