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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is an In-Person Treatment Like?

As I've evolved my practice, I've stopped doing individualized energy treatments and have developed my own techniques based on my skillsets. Your session will be a mixture of the goals you have going into treatment, the outcome of your energetic assessment, and is completely guided by intuitively dipping into my own spiritual and shamanic esoteric toolbox. I use a combination of crystals, sound, light codes and Reiki; I can dial it up or down, depending on your comfort level.

My physical tools (crystals and instruments) remind the body to heal through their vibration. What sets a crystal apart from a stone is that crystals carry a repeatable, molecular structure. Solfeggio tones are calibrated to match the frequency of the energetic chakra. Sound waves ripple through the water in the body to create energetic mandalas. Reiki taps into life-force energy.  Using any or all of these tools will help the body remember the frequency of wellness. It will encourage DNA and molecular repair.

I feel all holistic treatments can be complementary to other healing or restorative modalities. You should always follow the advice of medical and mental health professionals when evaluating your outcomes for optimal health. 

If you want a particular service (ex: crystals only) we can do that too; you are in the driver's seat. Here is a little bit about what each component brings to the session:


Here is what you can expect for an in-person session:

  • Read through and sign an in-person waiver.

  • Plan to discuss any physical, emotional, or spiritual goals you want from the session.

  • Assessment of the chakras (with a pendulum) while on the table


  • I can provide an eye-mask for you to wear; this may allow you to feel the energy of the treatment more deeply.

  • Bring your own play list OR play your favorite artist with our music subscription.

  • I can measure your auric field before and after treatment; I guarantee you'll see a difference! 

  • Sharing as much or as little of what I am doing while working on your energy as you like.

    • Some people ask about what I am doing and experiencing, some just want to fade into a restful experience. I'll follow your lead.​

  • I can email you an extensive listing of the properties of the crystals used within 24-48 hours of treatment. ​

What is a Past Life Regression/Quantum Healing Session Like?

Disclaimer:  Not all people easily surrender to the light hypnosis process, so this is my stance if that happens during your session:

I charge $100 for the time and effort spent and return the balance OR

I keep the full payment and we try again at a later date, now that you know what to expect.

If you sign-up for this service, I will email you an informational packet prior to your session that discusses what to expect, how to prepare and some ways to approach the whole experience. 

Some Quick Hits:

  • You will be aware of what you are saying, which most people are surprised to find out.

  • I do not record the regression process or take notes; please plan on recording on your phone or other device.

    • Recording during the period before the regression is prohibited.

  • These work best in-person, although I have had limited success with online appointments.


What is Reiki/Energy Healing?

Reiki is a non-evasive, natural Japanese healing modality that promotes peace and relaxation by having a practitioner tap into your energy system. It is a complementary healing practice that underscores any other treatment; is not associated with any religion. The word Reiki means: Rei = Higher spiritual consciousness and Ki = Life Energy. When we are sick, mentally or emotionally drained, the Ki sometimes gets sluggish or blocked; treatment can help restore healing energy to your body. Sessions are either in person or via distance and are as equally effective.

If you want a deep dive into Reiki, please visit; there is a lot of information on the Resources tab.

Do you do public events or parties?

Why yes, I do! What do you have in mind? I want to create a custom event that is special to all people participating. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • To make clear, I do not provide 1:1 sessions outside the office. This would be a private party or large-scale event.

  • Depending on the scope of your event, pricing will generally range $100-200 per hour, with a minimum of two hours and a maximum of five. Let's figure out what makes sense, depending on what you have in mind.

  • Compensation for travel outside of the Upstate New York Capital District will be a consideration.



Not sure of what I would do? Here are some examples of my favorite things I've been invited to:

  • Officiate a private solstice ritual for a women's group.

  • Bachelorette party for card readings and divination. 

  • Couples private sound bath and crystal treatment.

  • School shows, playing sound bowls and talking about energy.


Let's figure something out! I love to improvise some magic with all walks of life.

Wait?? Are YOU Unit_551 from TikTok & YouTube?

Alas, I am not. He is, however, a very close friend of mine, confirmed soul family and I love him dearly. The BEST way to work with him, is:

  1. Go to his TikTok profile

  2. Open the LinkTree link

  3. Click the LETTER icon under his name and reach him by email.


I have trained him up to his Level II Reiki Practitioner designation. He is a fantastic soul and will gladly help you on your spiritual journey if you just reach out to him. Tell him you were sent by his Arcturian soul-sister. He'll know!

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