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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your sessions available virtually?

Although In-person sessions are truly the most effective, some services cannot be replicated online. My distance pricing is less expensive than in-person, but you can't take advantage of the things I would do for free, such as biofield tuning, adding sound bowl therapy etc. Virtual treatments take less time, so there are advantages to either method.


Here is a guideline:

Biofield Tuning - In Person Only (It can't be booked on its own, and comes w/ a Reiki or Crystal treatment)

Crystal Prescription - Virtual Only

Crystal Treatment - In Person and Online

Esoteric Healing - In Person and Online 

Improvised Magic - In Person and Online

Oracle Card Reading- Virtual Only

Past Life Regressions/Quantum Healing Session - In Person and Online; In-Person is recommended

Reiki Treatments - In Person and Online

Sound Bath - In Person Only


Wait?? Are YOU Unit_551 from TikTok & YouTube?

Alas, I am not. He is, however, a very close friend of mine, confirmed soul family and I love him dearly. The BEST way to work with him, is to go to his TikTok profile, open the LinkTree link and then click the LETTER icon under his name and reach him by email. He is a Level II Reiki Practitioner, fantastic soul and will gladly help you on your spiritual journey if you just reach out to him.

What is a Crystal Healing Session Like?

Crystals are Mother Earth Medicine. Each stone and mineral has a particular vibration level, based on their molecular structure and the session is about aligning the proper stone to your physical, emotional or spiritual goals. It is best when you and I have a consult prior to booking, so that we can do the intake work.

If you just wanted a session based on the chakra energy assessed during treatment, that does not require any pre-work. Because it is so relaxing, people often fall asleep! Before beginning, I prepare an offering of Reiki water charged with love and light for you to have when treatment is complete.


If you are analytical like I am, I will measure your auric field with dowsing rods, and show you how to do it for me, too. Then we can compare the before and after. When I work on you, you will be able to see that it also increases my energy levels.  Science and Spirit are often just two sides of the same coin!


Between our streaming service, and blue tooth speaker, we can find music you like, or you can bring your own play list. Music is really just as much as part of the healing experience as anything else.

In order to really tune into the energy of the crystals, it is recommended that you wear a blindfold. I use black disposable masks, or you can bring your own...but this is up to the patient and nothing I would force.  I access the energy levels on the body using a pendulum, then I treat from the Basic to the Crown by laying crystals on, near or around the energetic centers in the body over the blanket.  The crystals are in place for 5-15 minutes while I may add additional adjustments or perform different modalities such as tuning the biofield with forks, applying essential oils to the stones, or doing Reiki. This is all improvised magic!

I take notes while working on you, and will share that information, via email, within 24-48 hours after completing if you would like. If you want ALL the details about the stones, expect a 7-10 page report. If you just want a high-level recap, expect about two pages.  

Like all energy work, it doesn't stop when you hop off the table. Try to surround yourself with things that make you happy for the next 24-48 hours if possible. You may have some interesting insights come your way!

What is Esoteric Healing?

Esoteric Healing is a type of high vibrational energetic healing  technique that originated from the teachings of Djwhal Khul, channeled through Alice Bailey from 1919-1949 and  was first published in the early 1950's.  It heals on the primary concerns of the relationship of soul to personality and can easily and naturally balance your body's Bio-electric field. It is here where problems can be detected before disease manifests in the physical body; this is considered a form of predictive and preventive medicine.  By balancing your energy, it will promote the body's natural healing abilities. Open and clear chakras allow flow into the mental and emotional levels of your psyche, and then into your body.  Chakras influence the nervous system, endocrine system, the blood, glands and the organs.  Another thing that balanced energy centers do, is allow you to make better choices and changes that influence your daily life. You act in accordance with a higher consciousness, with deeper insights and a much broader perspective.

What is Reiki/Energy Healing?

Reiki is a non-evasive, natural Japanese healing modality that promotes peace and relaxation by having a practitioner tap into your energy system. It is a complementary healing practice that underscores any other treatment; is not associated with any religion. The word Reiki means: Rei = Higher spiritual consciousness and Ki = Life Energy. When we are sick, mentally or emotionally drained, the Ki sometimes gets sluggish or blocked; treatment can help restore healing energy to your body. Sessions are either in person or via distance and are as equally effective.

What is the difference between Esoteric and Reiki Healing?

This is a great question I get asked a lot. 

Esoteric, simply means: Inner and really speaks more to the subjective aspects of life, life energy, and is about empowerment.  It encourages you to seek answers from within and allows an individual to move into a "soul-infused personality." It is driven more by the evolution of your soul and is not influenced by the healer on any level. By creating a conscious inner connection to the soul, the light of the soul reveals the inner wisdom that we all have within us, and the so-called "hidden" becomes revealed. An Esoteric Healing treatment is perfect in conjunction with any healing (medical, spiritual, etc.) modalities you may be receiving, but allows you to dig-deeper into underlying causes of dis-ease, and can put you more in alignment with finding and executing your soul's purpose.

Reiki practitioners channel Reiki energy which can improve the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional,  and Mental needs of the recipient.  It creates a peaceful and calming feeling within the body, and soothes the energy systems that promote healing.  A Reiki treatment is perfect in conjunction with any healing (medical, spiritual, etc.) modalities you may be receiving, and often has more of an instantaneous, but limited effect. You can come for healing, a tune-up, or to receive spiritual insights.


Because Esoteric Healing occurs by tapping and pulling in Source energy, it is working in the higher spiritual realms. Treatment doesn't always guarantee spiritual insights or revelations that I am privy to; they occur to the recipient either during treatment or the days to follow. Channeled Reiki energy often pulls in messages from your guides (or mine) and can often provide channeled insight to improve your outlook. 

What is a Past Life Regression/Quantum Healing Session Like?

Disclaimer: The full experience takes about three hours. Not all people easily surrender to the process and if I cannot get you into the right frame of mind, I charge only $120 for the time and effort spent, perform an energy healing on your in exchange, and return the balance. We can always try again at a later date, now that you know what to expect.


The first part of the process is a discussion. Be ready to discuss repeating patterns in your life you cannot explain, relationships in your present day you'd like clarity on, or a particular issue you want to heal. We have an open ended discussion and I take notes on what things to ask while you are regressed.


Then we'll get you comfortable**, allow you to turn your phone on to record, and I begin to regress you. This is a form of hypnosis, but unlike the kind where I may ask you to believe you are a chicken on stage, you are actually fully aware. I am speaking to the higher-mind. You may feel your body is very heavy and cannot move. It can, and you still have full control over the body, so please do not panic.  Regressed patients tend to mumble or as if they are speaking through a dream. This is all normal. I will remind you to speak more loudly or clearly.


You may begin seeing cartoon images, or things that seem "silly or absurd" and that is the logical mind trying to fight you on the experience. That is ok and we will work through it. Then we will ask the higher mind to show you the past life experience that is the most valuable for you to know about in this lifetime. I'll ask questions based on our discussion.


All the answers may be in one lifetime, or connected to others; so we may only look at one past life or up to three. I may ask you to watch the death experience, as it may hold answers or have connections to this incarnation. The most important thing for you to know is that we are moving through the experience as the observer. If you think about "A Christmas Carol" when the spirits take Ebeneezer Scrooge to different parts of his life (or death) he cannot affect what he is seeing. He cannot see it or be hurt by it. Keep that mindset when going into the regression if you have any fear about seeing the death experience. 


You may be surprised at how you have "lived" in past lifetimes. It may be as unassuming as having lived as a rock, a tree or even a single-celled organism. Some people bring forth lifetimes as alien beings on different planets or even as an animal! It can be anything, and anything goes.


Towards the end, I bring forth your higher self and spirit guides to perform healing on the quantum level. I offer myself to the guides to act on the physical plane. They may instruct me to do Reiki, perform esoteric healing, pull cords, or concentrate on a particular energy center that holds a lot of pain and trauma for you.


We seal the healing. Thank those who have assisted with the healing, and allow you to awake.


**IMPORTANT: Not mandatory, but feel free to bring your own pillow and blanket to the session. You will be up on a memory form table that is very comfortable, but the regression works best when it is dark and your body gets the same signals it receives when going to bed.

Who might NOT be a good candidate for treatment?

It is important to know if the patient:

  • Has any metal implants or electronic devices (pacemaker, etc.)

  • Is Pregnant or has a possibility of Pregnancy

  • Has an active cancer

  • Is receiving radiation therapy

Some treatments should be avoided or modified slightly. Please book a consult before confirming a service!

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