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About Me

Hello beautiful soul; through some Improvised Magic, you found your way to my page, and for that, thank you.

Maybe that was by choice, a healthy dose of curiosity or perhaps someone referred my services.

Here you are, and energetically here I am. Welcome to my practice.

I am a Business Analyst by trade but have used improv professionally in both the 

theatre and the office for decades. There is an incredible power in healing through laughter.

Off the stage, I feel most at home in the intersection of where Science and Spirituality meet.

I like to dive deep and solve problems for myself and others by trade and by nature.

I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner and Sound Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner.

...and still growing and learning all the time.

This business brings all those skills to the table to heal, help and teach others. 

Improv world building is a lot like healing or mindfulness. What are the possibilities?

What is the world you want to dream for yourself?

What story needs a different ending, or is waiting to come to life?

What is the silence telling you to do next?

It's right there. I can feel it.

Let this Analyst, Improvisor, Magician, Starseed, Metaphysician, Psychic-Intuitive, Healer and Weaver

dive deep and pull a new story out of you.

It's waiting for you.

So am I.


Blessed be, with love and light

​Amy Nolte; Phoenix

Storyteller & Light Weaver

Metaphysician & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Improvised Magic Launch Date: October 31, 2020

Raising the Vibe since '69

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