About Me

As an energy healer, my primary modality is Reiki;  Rei=Higher Spiritual consciousness and Ki = Life Energy.  A practitioner can channel it to aid in healing of the body, mind and spirit; to help emotionally heal past events or send it to the future with positive intent. This energy has no boundaries and transcends time and space. Energy healing offers the same benefits to our animal friends, but can also calm and soothe and helps post-surgical pain or anxiety. It can even aid communication between pet and owner. It has allowed me to connect to my pets in ways I'd have never imagined.

For all my clients, human and fuzzy, I receive psychic impressions and messages in an energy healing session or through an oracle such as divination cards, a pendulum or a crystal ball. To help with my positive intentions, I often incorporate elements of crystals, sacred geometry, crafts, seasonal energies, music, or ritual.

It seems as if we are all born into someone else's story, and then we begin to tell our own. No two stories are alike. We don't come with a manual, so we learn as we go; improvising, as it were. While stage improvisors thrive in the unknown and uncharted, this feels uncomfortable to most of us. We all want to know a little bit about the next stage direction.


We all have our own brand of Magick, too; those bits about us that are like no-other. Our triumphs and trials all go into building us into who we are. (Note: The extra K is to differentiate between esoteric Magick and sawing a person in half magic.) So see, you beautiful, Magickal improvisor…you're right where you need to be.

Welcome, and warm yourself by my fire.

I grew up in a household where "abilities" were just part of the norm. I took off when I embraced my own Magickal path in the late 90'but the healer part of me has existed as long as I can remember. My mother was a gifted healer in her own right and was a wonderful teacher by example. She is now in spirit, but continues to be a very influential part of my teaching. I learned early that I could make people laugh and that is how I really thought I was called to heal.

Enter (she said in parentheses) the actress. I come alive on stage when I am improvising and puppeteering, or at church when I am playing the music for Mass. There is a profound happiness I get from making people laugh or filling their heart with joy or bringing a comforting song to their ears. So I had music and entertainment as powerful healing modalities...but my Magick was telling me to explore a little more. I wasn't quite thinking Reiki at the time, but I did begin to look inward for better understanding and holy moly did I buy a lot of crystals.


Yet, instead of skipping down the path of self-discovery gleefully with the promise of adventure ahead, I was finding there were shadows with the light, good things and bad and instead of working through them, I ate around them. And while my esoteric practices started to thrive, I started to hide my light under my exterior. For most of my 5' 2" adult life, I weighed anywhere from 245-415 pounds.  Why share something so personal, right? Honestly, it isn't about the pounds, but rather how I felt about them. In 2018, I actually just accepted that I'd be around that 235-245 lb mark, and instead of thinking about it all the time, I was relatively healthy so why not peacefully accept it? And I did. I dove in but I continued to face the hard stuff and do my shadow work.  It was (and is) difficult, and yes,  I expected to gain some insight into who I am but what I didn't expect was to lose about 80 pounds. Make no mistake, I will never say that because I carried rose quartz in my pocket and journaled to angels, that I am healed. I will say, that by doing those things, facing myself without bias, it helped me to be kinder to myself. Self-care was a struggle and now I see it as essential. When I was feeling better I felt very present in my relationships and affiliations.  I felt I could now speak my truth in love, regardless the weight of it and it became easier to do. I noticed when I focused my intentions on the light I carried, while still seeing, accepting and moving through the dark, I evolved.  Intention is the heart of improvising, Magick and healing, and believing that is truly how I started to change my life.

The weight loss was just taking the last of my armor off. I didn't need it anymore.

So now we get to the last part of the puzzle. (I give you tons of credit for staying with it. I never thought anyone would get all the way down here.)  I always thought Reiki sounded interesting, but not for me. My friends started talking about getting Reiki/Energy Healing and I was fascinated by tales of their experiences. I had to see for myself. I was soon hooked and knew I didn't want to just receive it, I wanted to give! I found my teacher, and as I learned, everything fell into place. It helped connect the healing and esoteric work I'd been doing for so long; sharpened my intuition and helped clear my mind. Great stage improv is fueled by trusting your gut, taking care of your partner and accepting and building together. Everything was truly falling into place and I felt whole!  Being in that mindset set the stage for a profound personal and spiritual experience that happened in 2019. It's a story in and of itself but it  was the  jumping point into my Reiki education and ends with me finding my vibe-tribe.  [Sisters: Chelsea, Dawn & Jes]  It is definitely set for a killer sequel.


But that potential block-buster event was the last push I needed to find the way of healing others and gave me an objective look back on my life to date. The path was always there, but I wasn't ready to take the journey, yet. I know that my life experiences were for my own growth but they made me who I am today, for better or worse. One truly must feel in order to heal; I do and now this empathy can be helpful to others. And it spreads like wildfire...if I can help you, you might be able to help someone else. Isn't that the world we want to build together?


Blessed be, with love and light



Improvised Magic Launch Date: October 31, 2020

Growing in Spirit Like a Mighty Oak