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About Me

Hello beautiful soul; through some Improvised Magic, you found your way to my page, and for that, thank you.

Maybe that was by choice, a healthy dose of curiosity or perhaps someone referred my services.

Here you are, and energetically here I am. Welcome to my practice.

I am a Business Analyst by trade but have used improv professionally in both the 

theatre and the office for decades. There is an incredible power in healing through laughter.

Off the stage, I feel most at home in the intersection of where Science and Spirituality meet.

I like to dive deep and solve problems for myself and others by trade and by nature.

I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master-Teacher, Shamanic and Advanced Esoteric Healing Practitioner.

...and still growing and learning all the time.

This business brings all those skills to the table to teach, help and heal others. 

Improv world building is a lot like healing or mindfulness. What are the possibilities?

What is the world you want to dream for yourself?

What story needs a different ending, or is waiting to come to life?

What is the silence telling you to do next?

It's right there. I can feel it.

Let this Analyst, Improvisor, Magician, Starseed, Weaver, Healer dive deep and pull it out of you.

It's waiting for you.

So am I.


Blessed be, with love and light

​Amy Nolte; Phoenix

Storyteller & Light Weaver

Metaphysician & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Improvised Magic Launch Date: October 31, 2020

Raising the Vibe since '69

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