About Me

I'm down to earth, nurturing, funny and kind, and bring every bit of that into the Mystic Arts. I also am very up-front, so if you work with me, I want you to know I don't define myself as anything specific…I believe all spiritual busses take us to the same station.  I find the Mystic in everything I do, and of all the healing modalities I have developed, my strongest is my sense of humor. Teaching and performing professional improv has trained me to both stay in the moment and not hold onto my mistakes or poor choices. I bring that to this work, as well…and will help you to do the same.


I love all healing and metaphysical modalities and components, so although I'm not anything, I'm also a bit of everything:

Animal Energy Healer

Crystal Practitioner

Esoteric Healer/Facilitator

Improv Performer and Coach

Psychic Reader:  Oracle Cards,  Pendulum, Runes, Scrying

Reiki Master-Teacher


Shamanic Practitioner & Psychopomp*

Virgo with Virgo Rising with my Moon in Scorpio (Ouch!)

Witch: The good kind…I won't drop a house on anybody and huge believer of the "do no harm" clause.

In circle, My Wiccan name is Phoenix Feather; nickname Phoenix, or P.F.)


*Note: I do not perform Psychopomp services such as:

Soul Retrieval, De-Possession or the transition of souls in a mass death situation


I also engage with the Angelic realms and like to tap into components of Universal, Druidic, and Christian Mysticism. This is a lot to fit on a business card, but really do want anybody who engages with me to know how I operate. I work on both humans and animals with the same principals and your comfort level is of utmost importance to me. I consider myself versed in several spiritual languages, so I can always accommodate that when working together.


Lastly, I am also an analyst by trade; I find pain points, collect data, conduct research, make connections, experiment, and design customized solutions to solve a problem. This is no different with my metaphysical work…in fact, I see it as complementary. I can perform any of my services without that angle, but if we want to go deep…I'm ready.


My current list of services is always growing and changing like I am!


Blessed be, with love and light

​Amy; Phoenix


Improvised Magic Launch Date: October 31, 2020

Growing in Spirit Like a Mighty Oak