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Ready to try something different?

Are you curious about non-traditional treatment methods, such as Crystal, Sound or Reiki therapies?
Do you have a story that starts with "And ever since that day, my _____ has never been the same."
Are you stuck in repeated loops of similar relationships, situations, and scenarios in your life?
Did you have a spiritual awakening, start looking at things differently and now have more questions than answers, or just need help piecing things together?
Do you need to have a tangible experience in order to manifest change for yourself?


Take a look around; it would be my honor to assist you.

Most Services are offered both Online or In-Person

I am working full-time in addition to running my own business.

I do value and appreciate your business greatly but cannot guarantee same-day appointments.

I do try to keep my availability up-to-date and reflect of the time I have for you.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.