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Ready For A Change?

Are you stuck in the life you have, while staring at the life you want?
Are you trying to heal, following all the prescribed formulas for health, but are still coming up broken, out of sorts and can't quite answer why you aren't feeling better?

Are you curious about non-traditional treatment methods, such as Crystal, Sound or Reiki therapies?
Do you have a story that starts with "And ever since that day, my _____ has never been the same."
Stuck in repeated loops of similar relationships, situations, and scenarios happening to you?
Did you have a spiritual awakening, start looking at things differently and now have more questions than answers, or just need help piecing things together?
Do you need to have a tangible experience in order to manifest change for yourself?


Stop Chasing.  Take a look around; it would be my honor to assist you.

Most Services are offered both Online or In-Person

I am working full-time in addition to running my own business.

I do value and appreciate your business greatly but cannot guarantee same-day appointments.

I do try to keep my availability up-to-date and reflect of the time I have for you.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.