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The Universe will respond to who you think you are.

And if you don't like what you see…improvise some magic with me and reinvent yourself

Spiritual alchemy is a highly effective tool for healing and/or psychological insight, and I use it to help clients better understand themselves and begin their healing journey. I will dig deep into my proverbial medicine bag and co-create a path of wellness with you.

Sound, Crystal, Reiki and Energy Modalities, remind your body, mind and spirit what the frequency of healing feels like.

The Tarot, Oracles and Runes are less about predictive fortune telling and instead can be tools to reach the deep recesses of our psyche. This helps reveal roadblocks and navigate the integration of shadow to see ourselves as whole.

Shamanic and Earth Magick practices provide deep and tangible experience that allow us to walk with power, and

confidentially steer through the ever-changing seasons of our life.

Past life regressions will always reveal the themes you carry in the subconscious, whether through an actual recollection of a past experience, or unlocking the archetypes living there that are shaping your experiences now.

Manifestation or healing through a tangible experience is the goal of quantum improv. Never used to make light of trauma or deeply painful life circumstances, but to create a loving, fun or playful resonance within the heart chakra.

This allows the experience to reach out to those fields of limitless possibility.

There are so many wonderous tools at our fingertips to allow one to feel better. Let's find what works for you.

Call or Text 518-468-2322 to Schedule

In-Person availability, by appointment only, Ballston Spa, NY:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm EST

Virtual Sessions are Flexible.

My Services

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Nikola Tesla

Contact Me

Primarily Evenings and Weekends

Online or in person at:

61 Rowland Street, Suite #222

Ballston Spa, New York 12020


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  • How can I attend your seminar on Past Life Regressions on October 4, 2023?
    The seminar is $20.50 on October 4, 2023, from 7 pm - 8 pm EST and will not be recorded. To learn more and purchase a spot: Curious About Past Life Regression? | Gina Lynn ( Past Life Regressions are a service I can only offer in-person, but attending the event still provides some insight on the process and some different ways to approach it, should you choose to have one for yourself someday. If you are local to me (518-Upstate NY) OR coming to the area and want to book, seminar participants will receive a 33% discount on their session!
  • What is a Past Life Regression/Quantum Healing session like?
    Disclaimer: Not all people easily surrender to the light hypnosis process, so this is my stance if that happens during your session: I charge $100 for the time and effort spent and return the balance OR I keep the full payment and we try again at a later date, now that you know what to expect. ​ If you sign-up for this service, I will email you an informational packet prior to your session that discusses what to expect, how to prepare and some ways to approach the whole experience. ​ Some Quick Hits: I do NOT do this service virtually; it is important to be in-person and monitor the session. You will be aware of what you are saying, which most people are surprised to find out. I do not record the regression process or take notes; please plan on recording on your phone or other device. Recording during the period before the regression is prohibited. These work best in-person, although I have had limited success with online appointments. I have developed my own regression technique and am not certified with any particular organization. It is closest in similarity to the Delores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)
  • What is an in-person treatment like?
    As I've evolved my practice, I've stopped doing individualized energy treatments and have developed my own techniques based on my skillsets. Your session will be a mixture of the goals you have going into treatment, the outcome of your energetic assessment, and is completely guided by intuitively dipping into my own spiritual, shamanic and metaphysical toolbox. I use a combination of crystals, sound, light codes/language and Reiki; I can dial it up or down, depending on your comfort level. ​ Here is what you can expect for an in-person session: Read through and sign an in-person waiver. Talking before or after the session to level-set and answer any questions. If you have never worked with tuning forks before, I will share how that feels so there are no surprises. To the extent of your own comfort level, plan to discuss any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual goals you want from the working. Assessment of your energy while on the table, prior to starting the healing work I cannot guarantee anything, however, the longer I've been doing energy work, occasionally your loved ones in spirit, your guides or even dimensional beings you are in alignment with may show up to support your session. One of my own Guides sometimes shows up, and you might even feel them pushing down on your shoulders or holding your feet! If anything comes through, I will share my impressions after the session. Please dress comfortably; you will be laying down on a massage/Reiki table for most of your time with me.
  • Are your sessions available virtually?
    Most of my services are offered both in-person and virtually. My shown availability when booking is for in-person sessions, I have much more flexibility with virtual sessions; please call 518-293-3344 to schedule a time. Here are some benefits to a virtual session: They are shorter and less of a time-commitment. There is greater flexibility of when they can be scheduled. They are considerably less expensive. If you are new to energy work, this is a great way to try it on your own terms from the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be recorded at your request. One thing I love to do virtually: I enjoy working with Oracle cards and have almost 50 decks; most of which are kept in my home office. Although I can do readings anywhere, they are the only thing I prefer to do over a video call. Over time, I have found that not only can I access a wider range of decks from home, sometimes we can connect better about your questions when we are in the comfort of our space. Only exception would be the Axis Mundi relationship reading; that can be done virtually but is more fun in person.
  • Do you do public events, shows or parties?
    Why yes, I do. What do you have in mind? I want to create an experience as special as the vision you have for the event; if it matters to you, it matters to me. At the heart of Improvised Magic is together we can come up with something that works for all. Here are some guidelines: To make clear, I do not work outside the office for 1:1 sessions; this would be a private party or large-scale event. Depending on the scale of your event, pricing will generally range $100 - $200 per hour, with a minimum of two hours and a maximum of five. Let's figure out what makes sense, depending on what you have in mind. I am completely flexible. Compensation for traveling outside of the Upstate New York Capital District will be a consideration, but I wouldn't rule it out. Let's chat. Not sure what I'd do? Here is a short list of some of my favorite things I've been invited to do: Officiate a private solstice ritual. Bachelorette party for card readings and divination. Couples Private Sound Bath & Crystal Treatment. School shows, playing sound bowls and talking about energy healing.
  • How can pretty stones, invisible energy rays, music and quantum "anything" possibly help me?
    "If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla. The world is evolving to be a combination of modern scientific advances, and grounding your healing journey in solid, spiritual practices; both can play an important role in your road to wellness. All holistic treatments can be complementary to other healing or restorative modalities. You should always follow the advice of medical and mental health professionals when evaluating your outcomes for optimal health. I cannot, in good faith, encourage use of metaphysical tools and treatments over what modern science can offer. Everything is a balance. This is a long read, but only read what interests you; here is a little bit of "how" they all work. I encourage you to have a healthy dose of skepticism in all things and never take someone else's word over your own experience. Crystals: What sets a crystal apart from a stone is that crystals carry a repeatable, molecular structure. Their use on the physical or ethereal body encourages the body to raise the energetic vibration to match. A physician might combine particular medicines or treatments to achieve a particular result; a metaphysician will do the same thing with their tools. For any of the crystals I use, I can always report back to you what the physical, emotional and spiritual properties they have. Energy Healing (Reiki, Light Codes/Light Language, Energy Healing) Reiki is a non-evasive, natural Japanese healing modality that promotes peace and relaxation by having a practitioner tap into your energy system; is not associated with any religion. The word Reiki means: Rei = Higher spiritual consciousness and Ki = Life Energy. When we are sick, mentally or emotionally drained, the Ki sometimes gets sluggish or blocked; treatment can help restore healing energy to your body. Light Codes/Light Language: Every healer who uses these particular tools experiences them differently; so how I explain them might be different from how another person does this. When I am working on someone, occasionally I will see "codes" in my mind's eye. Sometimes they look like numbers, pictures or sometimes I see binary code, like how Neo sees the Matrix. I can't remember them and relay them back to you because it is only in the moment. I just place them on your body where I am guided. I do have a book of codes I've put together, so can bring those into the experience intentionally. Light Language will not sound like any language currently known to man. Using it with intention organically prevents the left hemisphere brain from trying to analyze, sort and make sense of things. It is right brained, creative and sounds a lot like speaking in tongues because, again, the language is not known. Metaphysical stuff is sometimes hard to explain, so even as I'm trying to, I find I can't give it justice. What I can say, is that if this language comes from me in a session, I mostly keep it quiet because I don't want it to feel strange. Most of my clients are just people who want Reiki...not all the weird. I feel when it happens, your Angels, Guides and helpers are assisting me, so I can't always understand what is being said. Energy Healing: Although I am trained in Esoteric Healing, I have never been in alignment with its core message: that all illness and "dis-ease" has a esoteric (hidden) root cause. So, although I have left the practice, many of the treatments involve holding chakras, nadis, and meridians (energetic points and pathways) with intention and connecting to organs, bones, or specific parts and systems of the body. When combining those points with crystals, intention or sound, my clients experience something beyond Reiki. It is a unique and special experience. Music: The Solfeggio tones I use are tuned to the frequency of the energetic chakras and seek to calibrate any surrounding frequencies to their own resonance. When playing the crystal bowls, sound waves ripple through the water in the body to create energetic mandalas and patterns. Some of the instruments I have, such as my crystal triangle and my 528 hz pipe chime, create a visceral, physical experience in the body; this can jolt the subconscious memory of health and wellness. Much of the musical healing experience is also intention. Quantum: This is a term that gets thrown around way too often. It is on a slippery slope of defining things as "high-vibe' and "low-vibe" when in actuality, things are just as we perceive them...good or bad. What I have learned about Quantum healing is based on my own experiences and the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Quantum healing moves the intention from what is perceived as improbable out to the infinite realm of possibility and brings it to us. It does occur, energetically, beyond the scope of the here and now. On earth, things occur in what is called Space-Time. In order to achieve something, you have to move through the space, and it takes time. On the quantum level, things occur in Time-Space, so if we move out thoughts and intention to any point in time and connect with it emotionally (think future wellness, health, wealth, etc.) we can move that experience into our space. Much of its effect relies solely on the buy-in of both the practitioner and the receiver. Dr. Joe can explain it much better than I can! At the end of the day, using any or all of these tools will help the body "remember" and adjust to the frequency of wellness. All energy, intentional and music healing modalities encourage DNA and molecular repair. ​
  • Are you Unit_551 from TikTok and YouTube?
    Alas, I am not. He is, however, a very close friend of mine, confirmed soul family and I love him dearly. The BEST way to work with him, is: Go to his TikTok profile Open the LinkTree link Click the LETTER icon under his name and reach him by email. I have trained him up to his Level II Reiki Practitioner designation. He is a fantastic soul, a certified Reiki Healer and will gladly help you on your spiritual journey if you just reach out to him. Tell him you were sent by his Arcturian soul-sister. He'll know!
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